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1 – How to find the ideal level of firmness?

2 – Filling with natural materials or synthetic fibers?

4 – What pillow to choose according to the sleeping position?

“The pillow is the shoe of the head” which is why it is important not to choose it at random! Each person has his own taste! Remember the comfort of each member of the family can be different. Because it is advisable to change the pillow every two years, it is not always obvious to remember the comfort of the pillow.

In order to make your life easier, we have written this article so that you can find your ideal cushion, at first sight, depending on your height, your weight, and your position to fall asleep.

Once you know the comfort of the pillow of your dreams, you will have the choice between a natural pillow that offers swelling and lightness and a synthetic cushion that offers hypoallergenic and cozy comfort. This information is indicated clearly on the tag of the pillow. You can easily find it at a glance. Here are the three steps to make a good purchase. Follow them to avoid a bad buy. For more about your sleeping buddies, visit


Chapter 1. 1 – How to find the ideal level of firmness?

Even if the choice of firmness of the pillow is a very personal choice, your position at night is an indicator to advise you:

  • Soft pillow: suitable for people sleeping on the stomach.
  • Medium pillow: Suitable for people sleeping on the side.
  • Firm pillow ensures an ideal support for the sleepers finding their comfort on the back.

Also, consider the ergonomic pillows that offer comfort in all positions.

Chapter 2. 2 – Filling with natural materials or synthetic fibers?

Section 1. A) Natural filling for authenticity and incomparable swelling

The down is highly evaluated for its lightness and its swelling. Its rarity makes it an exceptional product. The feathers that accompany the down in the pillow add firmness to its properties. The higher the percentage of down, the softer your pillow. The higher the% of feathers, the firmer your pillow will be.

The phrase “new feather” indicates that the material comes directly from the farms and that its properties are intact. This is a guarantee of superior quality.

In order to preserve the environment, products are offered with a natural lining derived from recycling. The treatment of the material is systematically carried out by intensive washing, spinning, sterilization at 120 ° C and careful sorting. Anti-mite treatments are also used to reassure people prone to allergies. This renewed natural material for a new use will continue to offer you the comfort and the thermoregulation sought by the followers of the down. If you still do not want this, opt for a pillow made of bamboo with rather same properties.

1) Duck down / goose down

At the same percentage of down, down, by its structure, allows more air to be stored.

In the respect of animal welfare, no filling used in our pillows comes from living animals. Our duvets and feathers come from animals slaughtered for the consumption of meat and we only recover the plumage in order to make it an exceptional packing. There is therefore no animal suffering related to the plucking.

2) Maintenance and service life

The natural pillow can be machine washed. It is also recommended to regularly shake your pillow to ensure a perfect distribution of down and feathers in its envelope.

By following the care instructions, your natural pillow can accompany your nights for 3 to 4 years. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to change it sooner if it loses its firmness or its swelling.

Increase the hygiene and life of the pillow by protecting it from perspiration with our pillow protectors.

Section 2. B) The synthetic lining for its hypoallergenic side, its practicality, and its price

1) A variety of comfort

Synthetic fibers benefit from many technological innovations that make the manufactured products perform very well. The fine fibers fill are hollow for better air circulation and silicone to accentuate the feeling of softness. The use of synthetic pillows is recommended for people with allergies.

2) The microfiber in combination with down

Want to find the softness of the down while enjoying the advantages of synthetic filling? Opt for the micro green down pillows that do compromise on comfort and benefit from eco-friendly manufacturing thanks to the use of recycled PET bottle.

3) Affordable price

These pillows are offered on the market at very affordable prices to allow you to change it over seasons and cravings.

4) Simplified maintenance

Synthetic pillows also make your life easier with some fibers that allow regular washing at high temperature with quick drying. So, facilitated maintenance allows you to sleep in an ever healthier and comfortable bed.


Chapter 3. 3 – What pillow to choose according to the sleeping position?

Do you often sleep on the belly, the back or the side? To fit every posture, there a different pillow. Only with a suitable pillow, the neck and back vertebrae form a straight line. No pressure on the neck means better and, above all, healthier sleep.

Which pillow fits your sleeping type? See the following points for advice and recommendation, not as a restriction. Your wishes and preferences are the top priority after all.

Section 1. The stomach sleepers

The belly sleeper needs a thin pillow. A pillow with which he can mold according to his desire, since he generally holds it firmly in his arms. As he sleeps partly on the pillow and partly on the arms. If we are talking about down pillows, then you should choose pillows with at least 70% down – rather even 80% or 90%.

Section 2. The side sleepers

The side sleeper needs the highest and usually the hardest cushion. This is because a side sleeper must bridge the highest distance between the head and the mattress. Consequently, the whole width of the shoulder must be fulfilled. The down percentage should be at least 70% feathers or more.

Section 3. The back sleepers

The back sleeper requires a pillow that keeps the balance in terms of thickness and hardness. He pendulates between a soft pillow for the belly sleeper and a hard for a side sleeper. 50% down and 50% feathers. A split 40-60 or 60-40 is possible if you like it harder or softer.

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