The 12 best free PC games

Your piggy bank is empty, but want to keep playing the video game? Do not worry. We have the perfect alternative for you: we present the best games you can download free to enjoy on your PC, some of them are online.

This collection of 12 titles includes content on everything from RPG to strategy games. We propose a list of games with the full and free download. You just have to download and install on your PC to start playing! And if you will still fall short, do not miss our section of arcade games.

Chapter 1. The Last Dance

This game was won honorable mention in the awards IGF 2009, the same award he received ‘Portal’ the previous year and developed by a Spanish team. ‘The Last Dance’ will transport you to the America of the 30s, an America full of corruption.

This is an action game in the third person, where the atmosphere will get to throw yourself fully in a typical American crime novel. Very elaborate graphics, sophisticated design in the style of Frank Miller where gray tones and red is the predominant and tormented history where John McClane, a cop retired, who wants to avenge the death of his wife, Gladis, hands of Dockers, a corrupt police commissioner.

Chapter 2. League of Legends

This is one of the games of PC ‘s currently played and enjoys a large online community of active players. Based on the world of ‘Warcraft’ (for aesthetics and style of heroes) and with a fine finish character evolution system. More than 20 different heroes to choose from and where strategy is paramount.

For those who do not know this game, I will make a brief explanation. ‘League of Legends’ is a free online game. The idea was to create a spiritual successor to ‘Data’ to be a game in itself, with its own engine, instead of another modification of ‘Warcraft III.’ It is a game like MOBA (for its acronym in English, multiplayer online battle arena) where the games can be 3vs3 or 5vs5 and where each player takes a hero with their respective skills and corresponding level rises. Mix concepts RPG, action, and strategy.


Chapter 3. F1 Online: The Game

Have you ever dreamed of being Ron Dennis, Stefano Domenicali or Frank Williams? They are all team leaders in Formula 1, and that is the goal of this new game from Codemasters on the king of motorsports, to be your crew chief. Are all drivers licenses and equipment this year and it is assumed that in future seasons as well but not that the charm of this online game.

It is best that we have to create our team, choose colors, symbol, and brand. We manage money, research, improvements in the car and on the premises and finally run the races. In lower divisions, we start from where we will progress to us with the constructors’ world title and reach the elite.

Chapter 4. Cave Story

Surely more than one of you echáis missing some old – fashioned game right? Of those games that every second was a challenge because you’re in luck, today I bring one on this list and also free. It is called ‘Cave Story’ and has been created in Japan by Daisuke Amaya (known by his pseudonym Pixel) in 5 years of continuous development.

This game is a typical platform thrilling action, as a ‘Metroid’ of before. Retro aesthetic, both in graphics and sound, an extreme level of difficulty (such as games before) and a very high pace. Try it. You will not waste your time. Today there is also a version for 3DS, but this is not free.

Chapter 5. Age of Empires Online

One of the first games that era was to leave many hours playing online against others from anywhere in the world. A classic renovated and brought back free for all, what more can you ask?

It remains what it has always been ‘Age of Empires,’ choose a civilization and evolving faster than the rest because it will have many problems. The game is completely free, there is no restriction. As in many current games, micropayments will grant you a small advantage, but nothing that you can not get playing.

Chapter 6. Basket Dudes

If there is well done, free and you want games. That which I have set before you do not like either and would like one basket, as it takes, there too. This game has been developed by Bitoon, Spanish company, and if you were old players of ‘NBA Jam,’ you certainly will like it.

Not only do we play the game but start to make us a team, a player, name it and manage it. The concept would be more or less the same as ‘F1 Online: The Game’ but basketball. I recommend it without any hesitation.


Chapter 7. Need for Speed World

With this game, Electronic Arts joined the cities and the concept of those who are perhaps his two best driving titles, the ‘Need for Speed Most Wanted’ and ‘Need for Speed Carbon.’ Furthermore, this game is not only free but also is online.

As in the original games type of game and theme is centered on the world of goal which is winning races against other players in this way to buy new parts for our car and unlock new cars. Show, speed and dream cars is what gives this title free to play inspired by the world ‘Need for Speed’.

Chapter 8. Battlefield Play4Free

As with ‘Need for Speed World,’ Electronic Arts has decided to create a game free to play for one of its flagships, it is the ‘Battlefield Play4Free’ and rescues the concept of ‘Counter Strike.’ Clashes in several online game modes and progression of our character.

I also do not think that it is a ‘Battlefield.’ We can not enjoy a campaign mode nor play with the graphics quality that we have in the past titles DICE for current desktop and PC. The emphasis has been the multiplayer gaming experience rather than graphics, but neither I believe it’s ugly eh …

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