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PetaBox TB Series


The PetaBox TB Series of racked data storage provides raw capacity ranging from 40 terabytes to 120 terabytes. The key to achieving this level of storage density is low power consumption.

Shipped with fedora linux, the PetaBox can take advantage of the full suite of linux tools available, including all of the usual linux filesystems. NFS, FTP, HTTP, or even samba may be used to present the data from the PetaBox.

Scalable Architecture

The PetaBox is completely scalable, from individual terabyte nodes to a full petabyte cluster. A single 19-inch rack can support up to 120TB of raw disk space. This density is achieved through an economy of design that consumes as little as 27 watts per terabyte.

Power is Key

The PetaBox product family’s modest power consumption provides a host of benefits, including reduced operating temperatures and enhanced reliability, while keeping operating cost, cooling requirements, and maintenance to an absolute minimum.  Combined with the PetaBox’ economical entry point, these features yield the lowest TCO available today.

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